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BC Place Stadion Vancouver Kanada

Partly-guaranteed Gracher project: BC Place Stadion, Vancouver, Canada (2011)

Contractors can, despite a few exceptions, look back on positive year 2014. All 400 companies under our management were able to record positive figures. Equity ratios could be further increased and cash flows reached new heights. Debt could consistently be reduced and therefore liquidity increased. The year 2015, however has two elements. In the civil engineering industry prices are under pressure, due to the elimination of stimulus packages. Therefore good results are no longer expected. In the building construction industry (commercial construction) we expect an increase of incoming orders and stabilising revenues and profits, due to the positive upward trend of the economic situation.

Owing to the emerging downturn it is extremely important to initiate an optimal guarantee management early. In addition to the premium we set our main focus on the required securities. With our, over thirteen years maintained, database we are able to accompany you in good and bad years.

A free analysis of your balance sheet provides us information on which we can figure out, if there is a need for an optimisation in your guaranteed facilities. Here it is important to say that we cannot make “wine out of water”. If your figures allow no improvement we will communicate this to you.

The Gracher Group sets special emphasis on the proper composition of deposit contracts. In 4 of 5 contracts we determine a high potential liability for management.

You can use our calculation tool, which our customers use for free. You can save average to 10%.

Collateral pools, syndicate structures and individual sections are no foreign words for us and part of our daily business.

Challenge us. We look forward to you.

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