How does Factoring work?
How does Factoring work?

By factoring is meant the continuous purchase of short-term monetary trade receivables. You assign to a factoring institution the short-term amountspurchasers (also called debtors, customers or clients) owe you, and the factoring institution pre finances these by up to between 80 % and 90 %. You therefore gain additional liquidity and further underpinningof your corporate financing! If required, debtor management can also be undertaken for you.

Your benefits:

  • Immediate injection of liquidity
  • 100 % assumption of risk by the factoring company
  • Savings possible thanks to utilization of discounts at suppliers
  • Improvement of credit rating by balance sheet contraction (solvency)
  • Better rating at your bank, which has a positive effect on bank lending
  • Lesspressure on yourbusiness

Make use of our market know-how and our special knowledge in factoring. Get in contact with us or mail us the completed factoring analysis questionnaire as the basis of an estimate with regard to the possibilities open to you in factoring. We will then be pleased to get in contact with you. Consulting us will cost you nothing.


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