The Gracher Group

Who we are

The Gracher Group is a credit and surety bond service provider leading in the surety bonds sector. As a member of the Surety Alliance, Gracher Group has an indirect presence in the USA, Canada, and South America. As the first company in our sector, Gracher Group operates in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. We operate offices in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. As a member of the Surety Alliance, Gracher is represented in the USA, Canada and South America indirectly. We are also licensed to operate in all EU countries.

What we do

We optimise your terms and conditions in the areas of credit and bonds.The Gracher Group works with all insurance companies operating in the German market.Our multinational customers also need support in all the major regions of the world.Because of our membership of the Surety Alliance and with our local representatives we can offer our European and Chinese customerslocal assistance in the USA, Canada and South Africa as well as in Brazil. With both surety and guarantees and credit insurance and factoring you always need local support. Whether it is advertising contracts with Manchester United, wind farms in Spain, guaranteeing AIDA or performance guarantees for German Railways, we can cover anything except financial guarantees.


  • Transparency and proficiency
  • Beneficial use by matching the terms offered by similar companies in the benchmark database that we have maintained for many years
  • Close collaboration with all German, European, and US credit and bond insurers; top-level contacts
  • Our strong market position ensures you best terms and conditions
  • High standardof service
  • Time and cost savings

We look forward to your request!!