Gracher Kredit- & Kautionsmakler GmbH & Co. KG
Bahnhofstraße 32

54292 Trier

Tel: 0049 651 / 98127-0
Fax: 0049 651 / 98127-10

Gracher Kredit- & Kautionsmakler GmbH & Co. KG is represented by Gracher Surety GmbH, Trier. The chief executive of both companies is Mr. Alfons-Maria Gracher.

Company head office:
54292 Trier

Commercial Register:
Registration CourtWittlich HRA 40131

Value-added tax ID number:
DE 251789308

Registered as insurance broker.
Licensed in accordance withSection 34d Para.1 of the German Trade Regulation Act.

Legal Disclaimer

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Notes on data protection

Where the possibility of entering personal or business information (email addresses, names, addresses) is offered as part of the Internet offering, such information will be disclosed by the user on an expressly voluntary basis.

When using your personal information, which we need to send emails, deal with correspondence or your enquiries, Gracher Kredit- und Kautionsmakler GmbH & Co. KG treats information confidentially. Such information is not disclosed or communicated to third parties, unless the sender expressly agrees that it may be.

Mandatory information for insured persons under Section 42 b Para. 2 German Insurance Contract Act  (VVG) in conjunction with Section 11 German Insurance Brokerage Ordinance (VVV)

We are required by law before beginning a business relationship to send you against written confirmation the following information:

Intermediary status:

We operate in the insurance business as brokers licensed under Section 34c of the German Trade Regulation Act (DewO). The licence was issued on 14.11.2006 by the City of Trier in the version of the public notice of 22.02.1999 (German Federal Law Gazette. I Page 202) (Municipal Public Order Office).

Supervisory authority

Industrie- und Handelskammer Trier (Trier Chamber of Trade and Industry) Herzogenbuscher Str. 12; 54292 Trier Tel.: 0049 651 / 97 77-0; Internet:

Registration number and registry office

Registration number: D-8AB3-2HSO5-55
Publication at Registry Office under Section 11a German Trade Regulation Act (GewO): DeutscherIndustrie- und Handelskammertage.V. (DIHK), Breitestraße 29, 10187 Berlin, Telephone (0 30) 2 03 08-0

Participating interests in insurance companies

We hold no direct or indirect participating interests exceeding ten per cent in the voting rights or capital of any insurance company.

Insurance companies' participating interest

No insurance company holds any direct or indirect participating interests exceeding ten per cent in the voting rights or the capital of our company. There are no participating interests.

Arbitration and Conciliation Service –Life Assurance and Property Insurance

Versicherungsombudsmann e.V. Kronenstraße 13 10117 Berlin

Arbitration and Conciliation Service – Sickness and Nursing Care Insurance

Ombudsmann Private Kranken- und Pflegeversicherung Kronenstrasse 13 10117 Berlin

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