Investment companies


We serve restructurers as much as financial investors. The Gracher Group has supported the following spin-offs in the restructuring sector:

  • Hamba (spin-off SIG)
  • Heinze Kunststofftechnik (spin-off Balda)
  • Böhringer (spin-off IWKA today Kuka)
  • Excello(spin-off IWKA today Kuka)
  • HIB (spin-off Dräxelmaier)
  • Kienle und Spiess (spin-off Chorus)
  • Trelleborg (spin-off Trelleborg)
  • Swisstex Schweiz (spin-off Riether)
  • Primera (spin-off Escada)
  • Ecosoil (planned insolvency)

and lots more.

In all transactions the Gracher Group has actually madesurety credit commitments before closing and so given our clients enormous confidence to act. Without our commitments purchase would not have been possible or would have tied up a lot of capital.

Note: The Gracher Group delivers hard statements of intent, even in factoring, before closing.

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