Private Equity

During the financial crisis a lot of high-profitable companies have become loss-makers. Debts of the holding company could not be serviced, because acquired companies were not profitable anymore. In such cases funds had to back up the cash-flow or companies would have to declare insolvency.

By replacing the guarantees Gracher group could enable new credit lines from the financing bank to bridge this difficult or the financing bank agreed to an extension or suspension of the loan instalment. For new arrangements private equity funds must now go “new ways” in financing. Banks have sometimes thinned their "leveraged finance departments", or even closed (regional banks). Today at private Equity funds you have to cope with a “normal” administrator, who mostly does not understand the principle of funding, instead of a professional.

The idea makes sense to keep guarantees in machinery and plant engineering out of the banking sector. If you arrange these guarantees with surety businesses, the private Equity fund has an increased availability of collateral for remaining funding. Here Gracher is your partner towards surety insurers and considers itself as the right hand of your finance department and as a small component of a structured finance.

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Today we serve 14 private Equity funds, investment companies, distressed investors and family offices. We would be glad to name you our references.

Additional note: In 2011 Gracher was able to provide purchase prices by factoring in addition to the provision of guarantees for various investment companies or private Equity funds. In this case we are not bound to national borders, if the target (share or asset deal) is spread over several countries.

Investment companies

We serve for financial restructuring investors as well as for financial investors. Gracher Group has accompanied the following spinoffs:

  • Hamba (Spin Off SIG)
  • Heinze Kunststofftechnik (Spin Off Balda)
  • Böhringer (Spin Off IWKA today Kuka)
  • Excello (Spin Off IWKA today Kuka)
  • HIB (Spin Off Dräxelmaier)
  • Kienle und Spiess (Spin Off Chorus)
  • Trelleborg (Spin Off Trelleborg)
  • Swisstex Schweiz (Spin Off Riether)
  • Primera (Spin Off Escada)

And many more.

The Gracher Group has achieved guarantee commitment for transactions before closing, thus allowing our clients a tremendous certainty in their actions. The purchase would not have been possible or would have tied an enormous amount of capital without our commitments.

Note: The Gracher group can also achieve tough declarations of intent for factoring before closing.