Letters of credit

Our letter-of-credit model

By presenting a document that conforms to a letter of credit an importer’s bank undertakes to make payment to an exporter. The Gracher Group offers you through a reputable German guarantor the opportunity of hedging your letters of credit at 50 %.

Our model offers you the following benefits:

Trade credit insurance

Trade credit insurance

With trade credit insurance you cover yourself against default on outstanding receivables by your private or business customers and the resulting losses. With trade credit insurance there is no longer a risk of getting into credit difficulties that force you to take out an offset loan and so incur additional financing costs. You then have greater freedom to do business.


How does Factoring work?

By factoring is meant the continuous purchase of short-term monetary trade receivables. You assign to a factoring institution the short-term amountspurchasers (also called debtors, customers or clients) owe you, and the factoring institution pre finances these by up to between 80 % and 90 %. You therefore gain additional liquidity and further underpinningof your corporate financing!


Partly guaranteed project: New Dolce Vita Shopping Centre, Lisbon (2009)

The Gracher Group of Companies, with a managed volume of business of over 4 bill. euro (€ 44 bill. of coverage 2016 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and annually mediated new business of between 600 and 700 mill. euro, is market leader in the bond sector in Germany and Austria. We contribute up to 30 % of new business at reputable insurers and manage about 20 % of existing business.

Letter of Indemnity

A Bill of Lading serves as a document of title to the goods concerned. It is a receipt, with which the carrier acknowledges that the goods have been loaded on his vessel. As soon as this has physically happened, the document is referred to as an On-board Bill of Lading (B/L)

Loss of an On-board B/L – Letter of Indemnity (LOI):