Reverse factoring/goods financing

Reverse Factoring / Commodity Financing
Reverse Factoring / Commodity Financing

Reverse factoring/goods financing

The pre-financing of goods represents for many companies a big financial burden that cannot be born without assistance. Precisely when a business is in the process of expanding.

Goods financing offers you the opportunity ofoptimising your goods purchasing. The factor takes on the debt and pays 100 % of it straight off. The liability must then be paid direct to the factor at the latest at the date of payment. If this payment limit is made good use of, the effects for both the supplier and the customer are positive.

Benefits to the client (purchaser):

  • Utilisation of discounts by immediate payment to the factor
  • The trust relationship with the supplier grows, improving your position in negotiations
  • Improvement of liquidity by utilisation of payment periods
  • Reduced credit burden at the bank
  • Nocollateralneeded

Use newly gained liquidity to extend or grant your customers terms of payment and so win new orders.

Benefits to the supplier (seller):

  • Fast settlementofdebt
  • No delays of payment by the customer
  • Nocostlydebtormanagement
  • Improved liquidity
  • No credit rating audits necessary


  • Companies that have operated in the market and the relevant business sector for at least 3 years
  • No losses must have been incurred in the previous two years and in the current financial year
  • Creditreformindex< 300
  • Minimum financing volume of € 2 mill.


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