Stock financing

Stock financing
Stock financing

It is often a difficult challenge for companies to put up capital for a potential investment.Many companies still commonly resort to overdraft facilities,soliquidity is dearly bought.Stock financing lends itself as an attractive solution for growing companies.With thismethod the equivalent value of your stock is used as collateral for funding.So you gain liquidity directly from your stock.

Benefits of stock financing

  • Newly gained liquidity gives you a competitive advantage
  • Creates freedom for new investments or businesses
  • Gives you additional revenue opportunities (payment discounts, bonuses, special conditions)
  • Adjusts to the growth of your business and grows with it
  • Relieves the burden on overall funding
  • Makes you less dependent on your banks

Our refinancer enables us to offer you a credit line on normal banking or even better conditions so that you can finance your existing stock.You will have ongoing access to this funding framework or can access it for a specified period during growth spurts.

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