Trade credit insurance

Trade credit insurance
Trade credit insurance

With trade credit insurance you cover yourself against default on outstanding receivables by your private or business customers and the resulting losses. With trade credit insurance there is no longer a risk of getting into credit difficulties that force you to take out an offset loan and so incur additional financing costs. You then have greater freedom to do business.

Our service concept is based on the three pillars of credit insurance:

  • Loss prevention
  • Loss reduction
  • Loss compensation


  • Protects you againsthigh losses
  • Secures your liquidity
  • Minimises loss of profit
  • Enables better planning of your business
  • Gives you better control of your risks
  • And therefore contributes to the stability of your business

If you already have credit insurance, we would be pleased to give you guidance about your premium and your conditions (to enable improvements and gaps in coverage).

  • Cover the amount that exceeds your existing credit limit (top-up cover)
  • Trade credit insurance, including legal expenses insurance, for insured receivables is possible

Special risk insurance for your business:

We offer businesses solutions for specific economic and political risk insurance not covered by traditional credit insurance:

  • single risk cover
    • for a customer or a business – worldwide
    • hedgingofproductionand receivables
    • all transactions with private and public institutions or customers
    • planning security thanks to non-cancellable credit limits 
  • Hedging of initialpayments on capital goods or delivery of goods
  • advanced payment for capital goods
    • pre-financing of goods (e.g. raw materials)
  • Protection of investments against political risks
  • Confiscation/expropriation
  • Hedging against the risk of price changes
  • Unauthorized use of guarantees and authorized use because of political events
  • Capital goodscreditinsurance
  • Effective protection against default on receivables for producers and distributors of plant, machinery and components

Your benefits at a glance

  • Individually calculated and flexible contract framing
  • No obligation to tender, no minimum premium
  • Hedging of receivables in a contract framework starting at only € 20,000
  • Effective protection against debt default, particularly for producers and distributors of plant, machinery and components
  • Increased planning security by non-cancellable credit limit during the entire contract period
  • Comprehensive insurance cover
  • Integrated collection with special consideration for your business relations
  • Global rating database for fast credit decisions and permanent monitoring 


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